Xperience Customer Care

Happier customers with a better customer care service

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What is Xperience Customer Care?

Xperience Customer Care is an application platform that provides functional support in management of assistance services, automating business-to-customer and B2B relational processes. It is an easy tool to implement and simple to use, that adapts to all types of businesses, teams and customers.

What does Xperience Customer Care do?

Xperience Customer Care automates and centralizes the management of processes connected with support and assistanceCustomer Care, After-Sales, Product Support, Technical, Commercial, Administrative and Organizational Assistance. Xperience Customer Care helps you provide more efficient and organized assistance.

It maximizes your customer service efficiency

Ticket Management

Ticket management rationalizes and simplifies assistance activities: receiving, cataloging and tracking requests for support, change, failures, information, repairs, complaints, etc.. Xperience Customer Care also allows the progress of the whole ticket solving process to be managed.

Asset Management

In the context of providing a service, assets are all the resources or skills that enable you to deliver the service. With Xperience Customer Care you can manage all the assets necessary to deliver services and ensure that they are properly identified and checked and that all related information is accurate, reliable and available where and when needed.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring is a key element for driving continual improvement of your assistance service. With Xperience  Customer Care you can keep check on the performance of teams, individual resources and processes. You can also analyze products, criticalities, reliability, and thus optimize time management and achieve a reduction in costs.

Third Party Management

Third parties or support networks, involved in customer service, can intervene in addressing a service issue. Xperience Customer Care allows you to more efficiently manage also the involvement of third parties both from the point of view of monitoring service levels and as far as concerns performance on the ticket.

Change Management

Efficient management of a service depends on the ability to promptly respond to requests and make fast and fitting changes. Xperience Customer Care standardizes methods and procedures for managing change processes, requests requiring authorization and related approval processes.

Service Level Management

Service Level Management with Xperience Customer Care makes it possible to manage the commitments that have been formalized for the service providing for: SLAs – Service Level Agreements defined with customers/users, OLAs  – Operational Level Agreements with organizational units within the company and support groups, Ucs – Underpinning Contracts with external contractors.

The advantages of Xperience Customer Care

Implementation of Xperience Customer Care allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your support and assistance services, improving and strengthening your relationship with your customers.

This solution has been developed by Basis Information Technology with the precise objective of providing businesses with a specific support tool to address the operational issues of suppport services.

But what are the benefits that your business can obtain from using Xperience as support for your Customer Care service?

  • More effective services
  • Improved processes
  • Better customer experience
  • Greater collaboration within the support network
  • Reduced service management costs
The standard of customer service improves
Tracking customer service requests means that all the data relating to the actions taken from opening to closing a case can be recorded. Having information on the customer’s history and current status makes it possible to provide more effective responses, improving the total quality of the relationship.
Open solution adaptable to your business
Having the possibility to model the processes for handling service requests completely independently allows high customization and therefore the possibility of being adapted simply and quickly to the requirements of your business.
The benefit is a very short time to learn the program and operation modelled on that already existing in the company.
Customer Portal
A Web access to the service is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Xperience Customer Care provides a full Web package for self-service. The Xperience Customer Portal aims to provide the customer with an additional service and to reduce the costs of telephone contact with the Customer Care Service.
The portal provides a single access point for all user support problems. The Customer Portal can be used to:

  • enter and track requests, incidents, problems and applications at any time, from any internet enabled device
  • find simple answers to complex problems through access to the Knowledge Base and documentation
  • provide feedback on the efficiency of the support service and channels, improving the performance of both.
Centralized control
The whole installation, setup and maintenance of Xperience is centralized, thus reducing the time and cost of server and desktop management. Upgrades and new versions, once installed in the server, automatically update the whole architecture without disrupting service and reducing deployment costs to zero.
Lo stile Windows in una applicazione browser
Xperience is a totally web-based application, with global functions that incorporate HTML and Javascript. Multiple windows open in a single management console, requiring only one click for operation and navigation functions.

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