Xperience Access Management

The solution for controlling access to IT facilities and managing computer


What is Xperience IT Access Management

Xperience IT Access Management is a tool that simplifies the management of digital identities. With the functions that it provides, Xperience IT Access Management enables you to manage users and user authorizations within your organization’s IT system and to optimize Availability and Security Management processes.

What does Xperience IT Access Management do

Xperience IT Access Management supports and automates the processes related to: creating, recording, and managing user identities and their related access permissions and authorizations. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to corporate policy and that all users are correctly authenticated and authorized.

Simplified access management

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Access requests

With Xperience Access Management you manage all access requests typically forwarded to the Service Desk through a Service Request, thus increasing access management efficiency.
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Monitoring changes of status

Users can change status: be dismissed, change job function, change business unit, etc…. The processes therefore have to be implemented so that the Identity Management process is notified and can act accordingly.
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Identity verification

User identity and authorization to have requested access is checked. The second part of the verification involves third parties for validation (HR, administration, etc…).
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Access logging

The Identity Management process includes monitoring user access in order to ensure that usage is appropriate and that there are no abuses that can result in risks for the security of information within an organization./ result in risks of internal and external data breaches.
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Access provisioning

This process is managed by the Service Desk, adding the user to a group that has the required set of access rights. The group structure is periodically checked and modified, if necessary.
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Revoking access

The Identity Management process also deals with revocation or reduction of access or privileges.

The advantages of Xperience IT Access Management

Implementation of  Xperience IT Access Management enables the initiation of an efficient identity and access management preventing internal and external security threats to IT data systems. Use of this tool simplifies the account configuration process with a structured workflow designed to reduce errors and potential abuses and allows access rights to be  viewed and quickly changed. Xperience IT Access Management is easy to installconfigure and use.


Improvement of processes
As the IT environment continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly complex. New trends such as BYOD (bring- your-own-device), the move towards cloud applications, mobile apps, plus the growing number of devices used for working, make it more difficut than ever to control and manage different access requirements and privileges. Xperience IT Access Management means that all processes can be improved by automating the user rights assignment procedures.
Effective granting of privileges
Businesses today are so fast-moving that a system is needed that can quickly keep track of changes within the organizations and reflect them in the authorization system. A common issue that arises when there is a change of role is that often the focus is on only the new privileges that are necessary and those relating to a former job function are not revoked. This leads to an accumulation of unnecessary access privileges and puts the information system of an organization at risk. Xperience IT Access Management reduces the risks associated with improper use of access rights.
The Windows style in a browser application
Xperience is a totally web-based application, with global functions that incorporate HTML and Javascript. Multiple windows open in a single management console, requiring only one click for operation and navigation functions.

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