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The company’s technological infrastructure is the main front – end for the customer service and for the efficiency of the business.

In this context, more and more frequently, companies are adopting ITIL methodology: the best practice to align services (not only IT) with users and clients’ needs.

In this direction, Xperience provides to companies, not only a support tool, but a true approach in controlling and managing services, through the integration of operations, processes and people. The aim is to control costs and give more flexibility to the business.

Xperience, with its verticalisations ITSM, Customer Care and IT Access Management, comes from Basis Information Technology twenty years’ experience in support and service management: a solution oriented to the customer satisfaction (both internal and external) and to streamlining all the activities of the support team.


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Web-based 100%

Web technology allows a rapid rollout and upgrade of infrastructure offering users access wherever and whenever they want from any web – enabled device.

Xperience provides a web – based application with the self service Customer Portal that aims to exceed users’ expectations and reduce telephone contact’s costs with the service desk.


Easy integration

Xperience communicates and shares its data with any other application made with XML Web, no matter which operating system or interface is used.

In this way, with the direct integration  to other systems, Xperience is able to create new values for all the existing applications and legacy.

Easy implementation

Thanks to its web – based application, Xperience requires a single implementation on a single server, which provides a global access to an unlimited number of end users.

Implementation, Setup and Maintenance are centralized, to reduce times and costs’ management of server and desktop. Upgrades and new versions, once are installed on the server, automatically update all the architecture without disturbing the user and reducing the costs for deployments.

Our assistance

For over 20 years, Basis Information Technology is been developing and implementing technological services and solutions for companies. From this long term experience, we have gained awareness that customer assistance is as important as the efficiency of the implemented solution: both to reduce inefficiencies in case of emergencies and to support users in a more aware software’s use.

Xperience comes from Basis Information Technology 20 years experience in IT support and services management

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